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The Temple signs the relaunch of the Trend Consult brand through a new creative platform, a new digital strategy and the launch event, marking it the first complete expression from strategy to execution of the agency concept: Human Marketing. The collaboration between the Agency and the client began last summer, when after a pitch The Temple was selected to develop new creative platform and its expression online and offline.

"Evolution Journey" is the new creative platform that comes to reposition the training and consulting company's role from a specialist role directing, to a partner role which is close to its customers in the long process of evolution. The learning model of Trend based on memorable experiences matched perfectly with the philosophy of The Temple, to create emotional connections between brands and people through brand experiences that build added value to products, keeping a close eye on the business results and brands KPIs.

The launch event was develop as a series of brand experiences that provoke the participants to understand what they need to start their evolution journey.

The visual identity was design to dramatize how an evolution journey can be mapped out. For us an evolution represents a series of changes done over a long period of time. If you look at it from above it is never goes in a straight line. The context you live in will determine many of your ups and downs but your ambition will determine if you stop or if you go on. In this whole process you are never alone and most of your aha moments will come when you meet other that are on their evolution journey. This moments are portrayed as little sparks in the Trend brand identity.

The website was designed to portrait the new creative platform by creating a digital journey. We used a simple insight, before the digital era we were used to consuming content from left to right. The digital era changed that and now we are consuming content from up to down. But this is contradictory to an evolution journey that usually moves from left to right. We twisted a little the browsing experience of the website by changing the way you scroll throw it. Instead of going down, on scroll you will go to the right, together with a parallax effect we transformed the browsing experience in to a metaphorical journey.

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