This is our core belief,

this is our fuel.

In today’s era, Time has become the ultimate currency. Every brand in the world is fighting for attention and time, but they have little to offer in exchange. We believe that the marketing budget could be used not only to fight for attention and create desire, but as an added value for the product itself. This could be obtained through unique and innovative immersive experiences.


This way we can create real relations between brands and their consumers and even humanize the way we market our brands.

The Human Marketing is a concept developed by us to envision how we see the role and the future of brand building. We believe that brands can have a powerful role in the society as long as they put the consumer in the center of focus and, most important, are authentic to their promise.

Digital Marketing Strategy

We have developed one of the first Digital Marketing Strategy Processes that helps brands to use the full power of Digital as an added value to their product or service, not just as a communication channel.  

Based on our understanding of how technology is changing the consumer behavior we can build brand relationships between brands and them, over a value exchange that will lead to emotional bonding.

Storytelling & digital experiences

We truly believe that the future in marketing is being remarkable not talking remarkable. In a world where the fight for visibility has started to lose value for the consumer and the trap of discounts is threatening brand equity, our proposal is to use Marketing to build powerful experiences that will be perceived as added value by customers and consumers. Our sparkling way of working comes from our ambition of changing the way we do marketing.



Using our latest technology we create innovative tactics and executions Of- and On- line.  

We collaborate with the best art & tech freelancers and teams from the Romanian Creative Industry to come up with the most outstanding ideas and eventually transform them into wow productions.