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2 CARS, 20.000 KM

The Temple and the Napoca Rally Academy have brought the rally adrenaline into OMV’s brand world, testing for real the new MaxxMotion 100plus fuel. This put OMV among the few brands that had the courage to keep the "hands off" and to really prove the performance of the product.


To test the OMV’s claim that MaxxMotion 100plus is the best fuel, The Temple and Napoca Rally Academy has set up a real challenge: two identical cars making a 20,000 km test run in Romania. One car was powered by the MaxxMotion 100plus and the other one with other fuels. Both tested the fuel and the drivers, none other than the rally champions Bogdan Marisca and Simone Tempestini. This put OMV among the few brands that had the courage to truly test their product in an experiment that was directly exposed in Social Media.

Our strategy was to start generating a conversation with the Romanian drivers about the quality of the fuels and introduce MaxxMotion 100plus fuel organically into the discussion, culminating with a real driving challenge that gathered 3 Million Video Views on Facebook.

The conversation started from a debate created by the Romanian TV star George Buhnici in a video on his Facebook page about the quality differences between fuels. “Are all the fuels the same? Do you know the differences?” - with no provable answer, the conclusion was that a real test needed to be done.  

The debate fired up on his page, gathering in 2 days more than 520k organic views, 335 comments and more than 3,200 reactions.


From this point we introduced the new MaxxMotion 100plus fuel in the conversation  in a live video between George Buhnici and Bogdan Marisca that ended with a challenge: to test for real the MaxxMotion 100plus fuel.

The whole tour was filmed and shared almost in real time on OMV’s Facebook Page, entertaining the audience, but at the same time proving the capabilities of the product. The 5 videos generated more than 2,5 million views and 6000 interactions.

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