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Earlier in 2017 we signed the relaunch of the Trend Consult brand through a new creative platform. "Evolution Journey" comes to reposition the training and consulting company's role from a specialist role directing, to a partner role which is close to its customers in the long process of evolution.


As part of the “Evolution Journey” creative platform we created two series of branded content on Social Media to create engagement around the importance of continuous learning in everyone’s evolution.


We started by giving a twist to the most cliché inspirational quotes about learning that almost everyone shares them on Facebook. With a smart humour we quoted what nobody would never say about learning, in a series of Facebook posts together with the hashtag “#nimeniniciodata” (#nobodyever).

As a second pillar, we used storytelling to give a personal and authentic touch of what Evolution Journey means by telling the stories of the leaders behind TREND Consulting.

Our team filmed an introspection of what their evolution meant and we posted three videos one by one on Trend Consulting’s Facebook page, generating 60,000  video views in just couple of weeks.

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